Herbal Smoking Blends

Overview :

HEABAL herbal smoking products provide an alternative to tobacco. All our products are guaranteed tobacco and nicotine free. Perfect for those who seek to quit smoking or all movie and theatre production needs.

  • Nicotine-free and Tobacco-free
  • Special blend with high quality tea to guarantee rich and smooth flavor
  • Reconstitute herbal sheet technology to provide enjoyable smoking experience
  • Blast available with various flavors to satisfy different user preferences
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    Sam I.
    January 9, 2022

    " Package was great, surprisingly you will feel satisfied with nicotine free cigarettes, it is a great way to fill out the gap, the psychology of using your hand and blowing this smoke. Will buy it again "

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    Kathleen C.
    February 19, 2022

    " Best herbal cigarettes I've tried. This herbal cigarette is great alternative to nicotine products. "

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    December 30, 2021

    " Great Smoke. It has a great smoke and it smells, feels, and tastes like a cigarette 10/10 from me "

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    Amber L.
    March 18, 2022

    " I've tried several brands of tobacco free cigarettes, even tried the hemp cigs from the smoke shop, but none are as good as these! If you're expecting it to taste like a cig, you'll be disappointed, but if you're really just looking to replace the nicotine, then this is exactly what you want!! So for the menthol lovers.... I'm sure you'll be pleased.... Just give yourself 5 or 6 cigs to get used to the new flavor. And you will get used to it!! Ps-I had no nicotine withdrawals after smoking for 40 yrs, thanks to these replacements!! "

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